arabella archer + caius amieux
something wasn't right in his head... and hers, hers was a furious   nightmare.

arabella archer + caius amieux

the latest male sim ive made looks like one of my ex boyfriends LOL @ me 

juno foal


Don’t bury your demons, they always sneak up on you. 

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update update update update update update

i’m in seattle for the week!!!! i won’t have any new posts (most likely) for this time, so sorry for that i didn’t plan this out as well, BUT i will be reblogging spooky sims B-)

 arabella archer
introducing: arabella archer

she will be featured in a new mini-photo series throughout october (-:

in honor of my favorite holiday/month, my blog is now very spooky for my your enjoyment, all creepy sims are welcome (-:<

i house my own demons; give me sanctuary 


Why PLAY Midnight Hollow, when you can take screenshots of Midnight Hollow?

i want i want


Last set of pics in this my “Marie Antionette” series :) I had so much fun with this. I hope you guys are too tired of it lol.

Click pics for larger images, no matter what I do tumblr makes them look pixelated :(



I wanna name her Kaiya or something idk. 

i just… how????


Midnight Hollow: New Screenshot

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